Pictures from Lover’s Key! The top picture is of a starfish in the water!

Entry #20: A final reflection

I think that my opinion of colloquium has changed a lot over the semester. A lot of my friends told me I would hate the class. Even though I was bored in the beginning, I think I learned to to love it. I had a few rough moments [i.e; the nature trail] but overall I learned so much about how myself as an indiviual affects the environment and how I can contribute to sustainability. This class was not at all what I expected. I loved the interdisciplinary style of learning, and being in a classroom full of people who came from different areas of study and backgrounds. I now feel that I know more about the history and nature of Florida than I ever have. I now feel a lot more respect for the initiatives this campus takes to be green. I think my favorite part about this class was being able to go out on field trips and experience Florida, because that is something you don’t get to do often in college. While I am glad the semester is ending and this class is over, I can honestly say I will miss it! :(

Entry #19: Sustainable Campus

For my service-learning, I served on a committee that came up with more “green” and sustainable idea for students living on campus. We discussed ways to encourage recycing, and using eco-friendly products for cleaning, etc. I think this committee does great things, because there are always things the campus can do to become more sustainable. I think the major thing that will help is educating everyone who goes to school here on how to be more sustainable. We planned the green fest that took place today on the library lawn, which helped to do so. I am so glad to be a part of this campus because they care so much for the environment and about being sustainable!

Entry #18: Sustainable City

One memorable moment from class was when we worked in groups to design a sustainable city. Everyone had really interesting interpretations. My group made a city based on a round downtown in the middle that was for foot traffic only. On the outside was the residential, education, and agricultural districts. I thought it was funny that a lot of groups [including mine] forgot to include water treatment plants, or even water to being with! I think doing this activity helped to teach the class how hard it is to plan a sustainable city, and to also make us think about choices and sacrifices that must be made in order to be sustainable.

Entry #17: Carbon Footprint

This is a little late, but I was amazed by my ecological footprint project. I never realized the amount of things I use on a daily basis that affect the environment. I has always thought about things like lights and electorincs, but never things like hot water and flushing the toilet! It took a lot of thinking for me to collect everything I used in one day. The hardest part was recording the packaging I used—I never realized how many things I use on a daily basis have packaging. I think my list could have gone on forever! In the end, it made me be more aware of what I use, and definitely showed me ways that I can imporve my daily routine to be more eco-friendly.

Entry #16: Barrier Islands

I think building barrier islands seems kind of silly. They get damaged by hurricanes really easily, so I feel like spending the money to develop one would only end in disaster. The natural made ones get damaged enough as it is, and I think a man-made one would probably be even less stable. I could understand why people would want to build them for the tourist industry to flourish, but in the end I think it would be a waste of money. Instead, tourists can be attracted to the beaches and islands we already have, or work on fixes ones that are damaged!

Entry #15: Lover’s Key

Lover’s Key was my next favorite field trip apart from the Downtown trip. It was nice to be able to relax and just take in the beach scenery. I think one of the most fascinating things I learned was about the bush by the tram station that smelled like skunk—but only for certain people—that is so cool! It was also interesting to learn about the different types of mangroves and see the crabs and snails that live on them. I liked the mini-scavenger hunt we had, and seeing what everyone brought. My favorite was the 9-legged starfish, it was kind of creepy looking, but interesting. The beach is one of my favorite places and I’m glad we were able to go there!

Entry #14: Everglades Board con’t

I think working with another class was very interesting. The people in our group did not really know what to do and I felt that they weren’t prepared, but we were able to work with it. It was nice to get a change of scenery and to be able to work with faces that I have never seen before. It was also nice to be able to get a more biological perspective on some of the issues while we brought in more of the sustainability aspects.

Overall, I think the board was a success, but I wish we had more time to plan because I think that with more time, everyone could have given more eloquent presentations and gotten to know their group better.